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January 27, 2017
Policy & Rules is an activity with characteristics and purposes exclusively aimed at marketing and related to promoting the activities carried out by SOPHID COMMERCIAL AND INVESTMENTS S.A. with headquarters in Athens – Greece , in abbreviation SOPHID GREECE S.A., and with regular E.O.T. touristic permit, available on request in copy.

Sophid Greece S.A. carries out activities related to tourism promotion, building and rental of villas for vacation in KARPATHOS – Dodecannese. Within these activities, Sophid Greece is launching the initiative named “crazy4trip” :

The offer named “ Crazy4trip” , consists in selecting 6 people who will participate in a 1 week-long accommodation- in Karpathos in a villa named CASA SOPHIA, specifically made available, and which is equipped with three double rooms and two bathrooms ( more details upon request or on the website

TEAM of SOPHID GREECE will be exclusively entitled to make the choice, which will be made online without any need whatsoever for personal meetings ( these are absolutely forbidden by our internal regulation) , the people we are looking for are TRUE TRAVELLERS, who comply to the following characteristics:

• the 6 travellers can belong to both genders .

• They must be able to show through online selection ( carried out through the website in compliance with the laws on privacy in force internationally) to possess a strong ability to adapt to a new reality aiming at bringing together people coming from all over the world who have in common a passion for travel adventures.

• Can easily connect with others and tend to share experiences related to daily life made of collaborating with the purpose of a good common living.

• Availability to cook local dishes from their country of origin.

• An artistic spirit, big sense of humor and sunny attitude.

• A cheerful personality, and available for life in common.

• Comply with the minimum standards related to common sense, good taste and decency.

• Have only one purpose: to discover cultures and traditions from different countries by taking advantage of a unique and original occasion.

• Adversity to trips made only of shopping and useless luxury.

• No intention whatsoever to take advantage of it under the economic profile.

SOPHID GREECE S.A.’s exclusive intent , through the “CRAZY4TRIP” initiative, is to offer a free week of vacation to people coming from all over the world, who will share their new experiences, cultures and traditions. Through this promotion, we will ask the participants to share pictures and videos of their week on their own social networks, in case they have them. It remains understood that this request is purely an encouragement, and the participants will not be subject to any obligation whatsoever.
Sophid Greece S.A. will not be able to publish pictures, or videos, or similar material either on its own sites or on the related social networks, without previous request in writing and countersigned by the interested party.
All the regulations related to privacy will be rigorously complied to by all the participants as well as by the company making the proposal.
The participants will be invited to participate to such a promotion through social networks dedicated to travelers from all over the world, and invited to join the promotion related to the week specified on the site in the RSVP section.

After the 6 travelers have been selected, the outcome will be communicated in private through e-mail, and all the detailed informations related to the air travel and to the accommodation will be supplied with possibility (unless available) of choosing the place in the room.
No compensation whatsoever will be owed to SOPHID GREECE S.A. during the periods of the offer; the participants will only be asked to share their experiences on their SOCIAL NETWORKS without any obligation whatsoever for both parties.

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