Two lovely weeks at Karphatos

Magic view from our bedroom



Trip to Olymbos with several magic views



After recommendations from Giuseppe we went to Avlona, the village where time stood still.

We had a good at the only taverna. Our daughters almost got married.



On our way home we visit this marvelous beach Mina where we were almost alone, this was also a recommendation from Guiseppe.



Giuseppe took us on a trip up in the mountains to a magic place, the best trip this two weeks!



Other beautiful places.



Back at Sophid, Giuseppe made dinner to us several times, one evening it was pasta, the best Carbonara ever! 🙂

Maybe the bar is empty now????

Giuseppes darlings are now also ours.

Thanks Giuseppe for this two weeks we were in heaven, we will come back to this paradise!!:)







KARPATHOS – Grecia – le spiagge più belle

KARPATHOS – isola di bellezza incomparabile, con alte montagne e spiagge meravigliose dalle acque cristalline e dai colori incredibili, il luogo ideale per trascorrere una rilassante ed emozionante vacanza ! —- island of incomparable beauty, with high mountains and beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and amazing colors, the ideal place for a relaxing and exciting vacation !



The Beauty of Karpathos


Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea. For this video, there was filmed in a number of fantastic places, such as Diafani, Karpathos City (Pigadia), Aperi, Olympos and of course some of the most beautiful beaches of the world: Kyra Panagia Beach, Achata Beach, Amoopi Beach, Agios Nikolas Beach & Lefkos Beach.