SOPHID Greece to sponsor upcoming documentary “QUEST FOR BEAUTY”

Hollywood producer Little Studio Films are thrilled to work with sponsor Sophid Greece to support a new documentary film by Brazilian model and filmmaker, Cris Saur.


In partnership with Anis Films, Little Studio Films is currently in post-production for their upcoming documentary Quest for Beauty. Executive producer of Little Studio Films, Alexia Melocchi, and Brazilian model and documentary filmmaker, Cris Saur, are thrilled to gained support from their first sponsor, Sophid Greece and its Founder Giuseppe Baxiu.

Sophid Greece is a holder of luxury properties located on Karpathos island in the Southeastern Aegean Sea that provides travelers the chance to experience journeys like no other.


Quest for Beauty is a feature length documentary that encourages individuals in our society to find their voices and discover for themselves that beauty isn’t just skin deep, but rather is a fundamental essence unique to every individual.


Told from the perspective of the director, Cris Saur, Quest for Beauty exposes the emotional truth and stunning reality behind her own personal quest for beauty after escaping from a shallow and abusive relationship. Saur traveled to 11 different countries (Brazil, US, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Japan, Russia, England, Greece, Austria, and France) in her search for the truth behind our society’s obsession and unrealistic standards of external beauty.


This new alliance between Sophid Greece and Quest for Beauty will assist the filmmakers in expanding their presence on social media, and their platform in festivals and distribution.


Quest for Beauty is a fiscally sponsored project of the International Documentary Association (IDA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are payable to the IDA and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. It currently features interviews with renowned fashion designers, models, psychologists, painters, chefs, actresses, surgeons, professors, to name a few, thus providing a more wholistic understanding of beauty across a multitude of careers and cultures.


The creators behind Quest for Beauty intend for the film to become a major contribution to the movement encouraging for a reframing of society’s repressive beauty standards. They plan to engage more brands and sponsors to support their film in the hopes of helping to encourage audiences to explore their own definitions of beauty beyond the surface.