Reflections of Well-Being

Spa, a welcoming refuge of balance and harmony in the serenity of a contemporary therapeutic spa. The unique premises offer the perfect environment to fully enjoy the art of relaxation. A menu of organically-based treatments, including the health-giving benefits of ancient Greek rituals, caters to every mood. 

*Salon services available upon request


Opening hours: 08.00-20.00

The mood-changing boost of a high energy work out captures the elated feeling of well-being. The private gym is perfect for enjoying personal work-out programs.

SOPHID Wellness Suites is eco-friendly with sustainability built into the architecture by use of local materials, including stone and the skilled craftsmanship of the islanders. By sourcing food locally, eliminating plastic and conserving energy, the promise of well-being is established from the ground, up.

The Wellness is property of Sophid Wellness Suites located in Amoopi, Karpathos.