Sophid Village is located in ARDANI , on Karpathos island in the Southeastern Aegean Sea that provides travelers the chance to experience journeys like no other. The properties are available for rent through the year and provide a fresh, local, and private opportunity to enjoy the wonders of traveling to a “ best kept secret” Greek Island while enabling their guests to avoid the noisy, mainstream tourist paths. This allows travelers a unique opportunity to see the land, its people, and its culture in a new light that remains true to the natural ways of the Country that they’re visiting.


As an avid traveler and businessman, with a hunger to see the world, I have found myself at every corner of this planet throughout my life.

In the Summer of 2000, however, I made a life-changing discovery, when I first went on a Vacation that would fit my desire to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life : Karpathos, a lost island in the Southern Dodecanese. When I arrived, the streets had yet to be paved, were mostly unnamed or unmarked, and mules were used as a means to transport goods between the small towns. Despite the lack of an established city as many of us are used to in larger, more urban areas of the world, I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and connection to the Sea and the Rural Life.

Our purpose here at Sophid Greece is to give those who, like me, have an insatiable desire to discover the different ways of the world. To discover new, extraordinary experiences, rather than just take a simple vacation. Let us help you discover the island’s beauty and culture, and create the memories of a lifetime. I have kept a journal for my days in this wonderful island, soon to be published and hope that when you visit THE ROCK , something will awaken in you and your fellow travelers, something magical, that you will carry in your heart for many years to come.

Ardani Kárpathos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece

Guest Reviews

My trip to Karpathos, Greece
We received the warmest welcome from our unforgettable host Giuseppe . When we arrived to the villa I was shocked by the beautiful and such a unique design of the house.
The island and its beaches and views were just breathtaking! Giuseppe took us for a round trip around the island. We went to the beautiful Olympus – a city built on a mountainside and then to a small village between the mountains that looked like a little piece of heaven we ate such wonderful and rich food, every time in a different restaurant but I think Giuseppe pasta was the best!
I can’t have enough words to thank Giuseppe for all the gifts I received, especially those for the soul I came back to my country so full of joy and love and happiness I’m still glowing and amazing things keep happening to me thanks to all those magical vibes!
If I had one word to describe this trip it would be PERFECT.


I can’t describe my emotions. It’s amazing place. Where you will rest for 100%. Every corner, and every place made by love. Here I was like at home.  The most wonderful here it’s a view, from every corner you can enjoying. Real paradise exist. And It’s Sophid Greece.

Ekaterina from Kiev

Ekaterina from Kiev

Great hospitality and great conditions! The time i spent there was amazing and i trully recommend it. I really have to take about the views they are AMAZING!!
George from Romania
The time I spent at Sophid Greece was great! You can enjoy a great view on the balcony, you can enjoy a great meal outside, you can spend your time in the jacuzzi if you are not in the mood to go to a beach. The hospitality was excellent. I left a piece of my heart there.
Iulia from Romania