Unspoiled and authentic island in every way

Karpathos is one of Greece’s best kept secrets. A remote jewel in the sun in the Southeastern Aegean Sea, the island is second largest in the Dodecanese Group. 
With majestic mountains and 160 kilometers of coastline, the island boasts a glorious natural environment with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean to explore.
A world of traditions comes to life in colorful, local festivals, charming fishing villages and the spirit of the port town – all within short reach. 
In the north of the island, the hillside magic of Olympos, known as the most traditional village of  Greece, is a living folk museum where the islanders still wear local costumes and maintain a traditional language. 


SOPHID Insider Excursions reflect our personal journey of discovery through the magic of one of Greece’s most unspoiled islands.
All of us at SOPHID welcome each guest to enjoy island life as an ‘insider’ joining us for unique experiences close to Nature and the island’s authentic culture.
Each excursion captures the mood of the moment sparked by the camaraderie of a small group of adventure travelers en route to awesome places off the touristic radar.
Choose happiness and share the wonder of Karpathos, in ways you could only hope to imagine.

new sensations with every step

Mountain trekking, overnight camping with a return boat cruise along the island’s eastern beaches is the adventurer’s perfect dream. The landscape of the Vroukounda peninsula and northern coast is an explorer’s paradise. You will follow an ancient stone hiking path through untouched Nature where you will camp overnight under a galaxy of bright stars.
Wake up and the dream’s not over! Our private, luxury cabin cruiser is ready to embark on a fantastic return trip along the eastern coast with swim stops at private coves and world-famous beaches.
SUPER ‘2 in 1’ NATURE ESCAPE combines the land excursions of SOPHID INSIDERS EXCURSIONS with SOPHID BOAT CRUISES — an all-in-one SUPER EXPERIENCE!
The walking distance is 12 km about 4 hours.

From 12.30-14.00 the following day
Meals are included
Min. 4 persons/ max. 6 persons
Every Saturday, return Sunday
Languages Spoken: Italian, English, French
By minivan, foot, boat
Price: 350 euros/ per person
Adults only

true taste of island life


Scenic drive to the island’s mountainous northern region where time stands still at the hilltop village of Olympos. Spectacular view of the windmills, bell tower and 16th century church. From laced boots, the residents still wear colorful, traditional costumes – and shoes, to rhythmic guitar strings, Olympos is the birthplace of Giannis Philippakis, lead singer and guitarist of the British indie rock band Foals, the village tells a story of its own.
From Olympos to the agricultural village of Avlona, the northernmost village accessible by car.
A tiny (almost deserted) village built on a mountain slope overlooking a fertile valley, the rugged scenery resembles another universe. In the past, the area was the island’s agricultural hub.
There is one fantastic tavern where we enjoy a memorable lunch of homemade Karpathian specialties prepared by Anna, the owner. There is no menu. A full meal of delicious local dishes offers a true taste of authentic, island cuisine made from the organically grown vegetables of her garden.

From 9.30-17.00
Lunch included
Gift bag
Min. 4 persons/ max. 6
Monday and Wednesday
Languages Spoken: Italian, English, French
By mini van
Price: 100 euros/ per person
Children up to 7 years old have a discount of 30%

‘QUADruple’ Experience
trail riding, village hopping, aperitivo stop, mountainside picnic

Private Quad Ride to KALI LIMNI

For the true adventurer who loves the thrill of an open road trip and ‘top experiences.’
Kali Limni is the highest peak on Karpathos offering a panoramic view over the sea stretching from Rhodes to Crete. Along the route, we pass several small villages before stopping at FINIKI, a charming coastal village built by fishermen. Overlooking the calm waters of the natural bay, what better place to cool down with a refreshing aperitivo. From here, the road climbs to the top of Kali Limni where we enjoy a picnic on the mountain peak. The road trip takes one hour to reach Kali Limni without stops.

From 10.00-16.00
Picnic baskets included
For 2 person
Every Thursday
Languages Spoken: Italian, English, French
By quads and motos
Driving license required
Adults only
Price: 80 euros/ per person + quad rental

*Depending on weather conditions