Looking forward, we always look back to the island’s traditional lifestyle and wondrous natural settings for inspiration.

Respecting the historical heritage of Avlona the northernmost village, which was a flourishing agricultural community, SOPHID is taking steps in a new direction to convert the old stables into a Mews House.

The new Mews House will reflect the vernacular architecture of the village and preserve the character of its stone houses.

Our vision is to create an authentic sanctuary, at the heart of local culture, which opens doors to new discoveries in this less traveled, blessed corner of Karpathos.

Spectacular Nature is the protagonist of the dramatic landscape surrounding Avlona. Majestic mountains embrace the historical earth of the plain, once fertile, and now barren, almost desert-like.  

Yet, mystically, the fresh breeze, which, for centuries, has swept across the olive groves and fruit trees, continues to charge the air, even today, with positive energy and the power of Nature to harmonize body and soul.